16 December, 2006

The Beginning

I've recently received an e-mail from Milford Crabtree, or so I thought.
Milford Crabtree - great name.
Upon further investigation it is not from the mysterious Milford Crabtree but Alisha.
It reads:

I was right, I told ya so - heres the link. http://www.suncoastrewards.com/ref44.html
You're able to download dvd movies, console games, music. I was able to find at least 85 of my favorite CD's
You should see how many they have in there - its crazy.
They show you how to burn all the stuff you want to CD.
I saw a few areas of the movie section, and found titles in there still in theaters - it's nutty.
I'll call later.

I'm still waiting for Alisha, or even Milford, to call !

Do you know Milford Crabtree ?

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