25 February, 2007

16 February, 2007

A Different Milford Crabtree

Milford B. Crabtree was born Feb. 28, 1891 in Lee Co. Va. the son of George Crabtree and Rebecca Ann Litton. Milford Died May 20, 1910.
"Short Life"...

04 February, 2007

A Sighting

Our thanks to Giles Sloth for his e-mail:

"I've just seen Milford Crabtree on the front at Clacton. At first I thought it might have been Lobby Ludd and I was all ready to claim my five pounds, but as I got nearer I noticed it was Milford. He was violently scratching in the wedding tackle area. Betty Swollocks most likely."

That sounds like our Milford. Thanks Giles.