01 August, 2007

Black Propagana

Agent Smith writes:

"Millford Crabtree is merely the British name used by an enemy agent when
operating on British territory. In Italy, he uses the name Julio
Scarlotti, and in Austria, he is Hans Schlacht, or sometimes Hans
Auschwinger, which was his adopted mother's maiden name.

He was an illegitimate child born to a Viennese teenager in 1930.
Raised at the Austrian Sisters of Charity Orphanage. He was adopted by
the rich couple Kurt Schlacht and Maria Auschwinger. During the War,
Kurt and Maria became envoys to Mussolini's Italy, and were hanged as
war criminals after the allied victoy. A screw up in military orders
allowed the youth to be present at the hanging, and he was forever
changed by what he saw. He is now an evil enemy spy, roving Europe,
running operations for any villain who can meet his price, if they need
an attack made on the west. "

This is simply not true, but in the world of espionage lies like this will be perpetrated.

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