24 August, 2007

Milford Information

Mentioned in dispatches and decorated on a number of occasions Milford Crabtree has served queen and country for over thirty years. Lost behind enemy lines in the first Iraqi conflict, he surfaced three months later in Istanbul with a smile on his face and an irritated John Thomas. Those three months are still covered by the official secrets act.

Speaking five foreign languages and a master of disguise it was inevitable that Milford would come to the attention of MI6 headhunters.

A man of letters, known for his ready wit and useful sayings, Milford Crabtree is often quoted.

Little is known about his background but rumour has it that he is the black sheep of a family of old school landed gentry. He has been known to tell people that he is 42nd in line to the throne. Not sure if it’s got something to do with the Monarchy or Ideal Standard !

Always one for the ladies and in times of hardship befriending the odd sailor, Milford has rubbed shoulders, and other parts of his anatomy, with those in high places. He has seen active service in the Andes.

Not much else about him is in the public domain. So we are still left puzzling over ‘who is Milford Crabtree ?’.

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